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Janet For Justice Benefits From Campaign Money Laundering

The text includes various pieces of information, including slides depicting different types of financial crimes, a link to videos of Smurfs, a reference to the FEC website for checking individual contributions, and demographic information about the profiles observed. The text concludes with a call to action to donate to the website and a copyright notice.

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Smurf Teaser

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🚨🚨ERI-Caught: The Hidden Truth Behind Voter Roll Maintenance and the Controversial Ties That Bind It🚨🚨

Unmasking the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), this article delves into the organization’s seemingly efficient voter roll management and the questionable aspects of its operations. With potential ties to the Open Society Foundations network and a founder with a history of left-wing activism, ERIC’s data-sharing practices and involvement in the “Zuckerbucks” scandal raise concerns. Explore how ERIC’s methods may challenge the integrity of voter registration and even infringe upon established acts, calling into question the true agenda behind this progressive-backed system.

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“The Big Cheat”

“Discover the shocking truth behind the Blank Ballot Scandal as we unravel how patented software embedded in computerized voting systems manipulates and undermines our elections. Dive into our investigation, where we reveal the presence of this software in the largest counties across various states and its potential to alter thousands of votes, leaving no trace. With evidence connecting high-profile individuals to the scheme, we shed light on the pressing need for transparency and verifiable voting systems to safeguard our democracy.”

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