Smurfing – Part 3 shows a gentleman in Michigan making 41,842 contributions to political organizations, PACS and/or campaigns. Note the
derivatives of the spelling of his name, address, zip code, and occupation status. The Gibson Group of Maryland and Election Watch, Inc. out of
Wisconsin continue to expose a national money laundering scheme to political campaigns. Per the Federal Election Commission website, the
average number of political donations for an individual is 1.4 per year. Here just one individual is making (or someone is doing it for him) 14.3
per day 365 days per year for more than 7 years. They believe Mr. Pusheck’s name and address are being used without his knowledge.
Whereby PACS such as ActBlue and even WinRed have publicly admitted, they are not verifying all credit card transactions. This opens the
door wide to campaign finance fraud. “Where we are finding 99% of these people are over 65, this is also elder abuse and elder financial
exploitation,” stated Peter Bernegger, President of Election Watch, Inc. It is a common tactic to use a real person’s name and address to open a
credit card or other type of financial account, all without that person being aware of it. Then money is deposited into a different account which
pays the credit card account or ACH charge. If the organization charging the credit card or accepting the ACH transfer doesn’t verify the
transaction, as the majority of retailers do, then illicit transactions can occur with impunity. “We’ll have more postings on our website at” he said. “Smurfs are money mules, some of the individuals know they are participating, but many times they are not
aware of the shenanigans,” he went on to say. “The number of Smurfs we are finding more than ten thousand spread across the country,”
stated Chris Gleason of the Gibson Group.