During elections, voters’ mail-in paper ballots are processed by ES&S and Dominion tabulators. Let’s consider an example with 100 ballots. Out of these 100, a variable percentage, which can be anywhere from 0.5% to over 10%, is classified as “Blank Ballots.” In this instance, we’ll use 5%. The tabulators create electronic images of the ballots and send them to the county Clerk, who oversees the Election Management System (EMS) at the heart of the ES&S or Dominion system.

We’ve discovered patented software that extracts the 5% Blank Ballots (five in our example) from the initial 100 and allows them to be manipulated by dishonest individuals to favor any candidate or race. Our evidence comes from the reports generated by computerized voting systems at the county level, and we’ve observed this issue in multiple states. The companies’ manuals also reveal that this software is part of the scheme. There is no justification for such software to be present in computerized voting systems, as it renders them unverifiable. A ballot should either be fully accepted or entirely rejected, not placed in a hidden folder for potential alteration by an unknown person. A single person with access could exploit thousands of “Blank Ballots.”

We have also discovered that this software is present in the largest counties across various states, but not in medium or smaller counties.

In Maryland, President Trump won the 2020 race, as evidenced in the report below. Some of the software in use can carry out its function and then leave no trace. Additionally, we reveal how Priscilla Zuckerberg is connected to this scheme in Exhibits Y and X.

During the 2020 General Election in Maryland, over 98,000 entirely blank ballots were cast. It is unlikely that 98,000 voters submitted completely blank ballots. What can be proven with certainty is that in the 2020 General Election, over 98,000 Maryland voters had their votes changed, altered, or adjudicated to blank, effectively depriving them of their voting rights. Moreover, candidates who were negatively impacted lost all those votes. Our elections are significantly compromised.